We provide the best apparel sourcing solutions

Looking for apparel sourcing solutions? You have come to the right place. Apparel Sourcing Agency is
one of the leading names in the apparel sourcing industry providing its customers a wide range of
services including: Apparel Sourcing Consultancy, Buying/Selling Services, and Inspection Services.
There may exists a number of companies claiming to provide the best services in the industry but what
makes us stand out from the rest is our focus on your specific business needs and requirements. We are
not just another company in the market that exists only to make money, we are in the industry to build
long-term relations based on trust, honesty, and integrity.

What we are sourcing, and manufacturing?

In the apparel industry we are everything our clients want us to be. We are a buying and selling agent
should our clients need these services, and manufacturer of the best knit garments, woven garments,
home textile, undergarments, brassieres, baby garments, swimwear and almost everything that requires
the use of needles and threads. We weave your dreams of becoming the best brand into reality. Relying
on our years of experience in the
industry, team of experts, network, and
state-of-the-art manufacturing facility,
we help our clients get the apparel and
garment products they need.

Regardless of your location,
requirements, and quality expectations,
at Apparel Sourcing Agency we strive to
exceed your expectations every time.
Whether you are an entrepreneur
willing to build a clothing brand from
scratch or wish to expand your current
offerings, with Apparel Sourcing Agency
by your side you can easily achieve your
business objectives. Should you wish to
bring success to your brand, there is
only one name you can trust i.e. Apparel
Sourcing Agency.
Our ever-growing clientele of wholesale buyers, importers, and retailers is a living proof of the
excellence we deliver. From established labels to fast growing brands, we make products for clients
spread across the globe in all apparel categories. It is an open secret that the only thing constant about
this industry is change. Trends change almost every day and with the support of our team of experts we
enable small, medium, and large businesses to keep up with it.

Core focus of our services

The core focus of our services is you. Your preference, your brand, your requirements, and your
specifications matter the most to us. We are a company with clients as center of its business strategy
and this is what makes Apparel Sourcing Agency the best. In the realm of apparel market, we remain
focused on your needs and thus provide a range of services that help your brand becoming the leading
fashion label in every market you operate, including:

Apparel Consultancy Services

We, Apparel Sourcing Agency, are a full-service apparel sourcing company exporting fabrics, apparel
products, and other ready-to-wear garments to the customers around the world from manufacturers
located in Bangladesh. With our head office and manufacturing facility located in Bangladesh, we
provide apparel consulting expertise in sourcing, and manufacturing. Our team of highly experienced
individuals with a wide range of resources at their disposal is helping established labels as well as
emerging brands to achieve their market ventures. We help you source the best material from the
leading manufacturers who follow reliable production techniques and adhere to the highest production standards.

Remaining within the frames of creativity, reliability, flexibility, and responsibility we source the best
apparel products for our clients. Whenever sourcing apparel from any country, a business should always
consider two factors i.e. cost, and timely delivery. With Apparel Sourcing Agency by your side you can

rest assured that you will always get the fabric or garment product as per your specification that too
within the best prices and agreed deadline. As part of our consultancy service, we assume the role of a
mediator between our customers abroad and the manufacturers located in Bangladesh to provide them
their desired product in the best possible prices.

Buying/Selling Agent

Apparel Sourcing Agency follow a balanced approach when acting as
a buying or selling agent. We remain neutral in getting you our
suppliers and clients the best deals possible. We protect the business
interests of our suppliers, and buyers by getting them both the best
deals possible. In a very short span of time, we have proved our
mettle and successfully served leading manufacturers from
Bangladesh as well as retailers, brands, and wholesalers across the
world. Presently, our clients are located in North America, Europe,
Asia, and Africa handling an extensive variety of merchandise
 Menswear
 Undergarments
 Baby Garments
 Brassieres
 Knit items (t-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, swift shirts, & hooded /fleece jackets)
 Woven items (boxers, shirts, dress pants, blouses, jackets, blazers, trousers, & shorts)
 Home textile, and others.

Inspection Services

The most important element when sourcing apparel from any foreign location is quality inspection. A
shipment will be of no use to the client, if it does
not match with the expected quality. A thorough
inspection, therefore, is mandatory. Apparel
Sourcing Agency’s inspection services enable
clients to get a complete picture of the products
that they are about to receive. With on-site
inspection services – including: fabric inspection;
first articles inspection; during production
inspection; final random inspection; container loading inspection; and defect sorting service – we offer
our clients peace of mind that they are after. We provide you a comprehensive report detailing each and
every aspect of the shipment and will also notify you if there is any non-compliance with your

Now that you know there exist an agency that goes by the name of Apparel Sourcing Agency, who can
take care of all your apparel business needs, the only thing that you should be pondering right now is
how soon you can get connected with it. Leveraging our years of experience, comprehensive services,
and team of experts, you can take your business to new heights. So get connected, focus on your core
expertise and get to the top.


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