Bangladeshi Garments and Apparel Products – Sourcing the Best Across the Globe

Industry Overview

Bangladeshi garments and apparel industry has emerged as a key player on the global spectrum. Having ventured into the garments sector in 1978 with just nine manufacturing units, and with the first year revenue of USD 0.69 million, Bangladesh has come a long way in three decades. It has evolved to become the top manufacturer and exporter of garments and apparel, second only to China, the leading garments and apparel exporter in the world. Today, Bangladeshi garments and apparel industry constitutes more than 5,000 RMG, manufacturing and exporting ‘Made in Bangladesh’ products to more than 145 countries in the world.

Although China stands as the leading garment exporter, the Bangladeshi knit and woven products are considered far superior in quality than their Chinese counterparts. Which is the reason why they have become the top choice of world’s leading brands such as H&M, Zara, Primark, Gap, Nike, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger, that are importing Bangladeshi garment products in bulk through apparel sourcing services and garment sourcing and buying agents.


Today, Bangladesh’s garments and ready-made apparel industry has become a significant contributor to the national economy, constituting more than 83% of total exports, with a humongous $30 billion worth of exports per annum. The industry is excelling to accomplish the target of achieving $50 billion garment exports by 2021.

With the exponential growth of Chinese economy, sourcing apparel from Chinese manufacturers is increasingly becoming less profitable for global buyers. Global importers of garment and apparel products that were previously sourcing products from China are now seeking a cost-effective alternative. And with its unparalleled quality and lower priced products, Bangladesh has come into the limelight as a promising industry to source ready made apparel and garment products. There are myriad reasons driving this global inclination towards Bangladesh apparel industry, such as:

  • Low labor costs
  • Tariffs
  • Product quality
  • Lead time
  • Currency exchange rate
  • Fast turnaround


Top 10 Bangladeshi Garment Manufacturers Exporting all over the world

  1. Ha-meem Group
  2. Beximco Fashions
  3. Square Fashions Ltd.
  4. Opex Sinha Group
  5. Fakir Group
  6. DBL Group
  7. Epyllion Group
  8. Standard Group
  9. Asian Apparels Ltd.
  10. Givensee Group of industries Ltd.


Top Global Buyers Sourcing Bangladeshi Garments and Apparel Products

  1. Adidas
  2. H&M
  3. Wal-Mart
  4. GAP
  5. Levi’s (Brand: Dockler, Denizen, Levi-Strauss)
  6. Nike
  7. VF Asia (Brand: Lee, Wrangler)
  8. PVH-Phillips Von Heuson (Brand: CK)
  9. Li & Fung
  10. Old Navy
  11. Academy
  12. US Polo
  13. American Eagle
  14. Banana
  15. Peri Ellis
  16. Zara
  17. Sains Burry
  18. C&A
  19. Hugo Boss
  20. Esprit, Mango


Apparel Sourcing Agency – Providing complete sourcing solutions to a vast global clientele

We, at Apparel Sourcing Agency, are an apparel sourcing service serving an extensive clientele comprising of retailers, wholesale buyers, importers and chain stores, in developed countries across the globe. We are a professional and competent team of apparel buying agents and garment sourcing and buying agents, with a combined experience of decades working in the Bangladeshi apparel, garment, and textile industry.


Our expertise in the field stems from our vast experience, during which, we not just achieved a firm grasp over different aspects and dynamics of the local industry, but also established connections with leading retailers, clothing brands, and chain stores across the globe. Working closely with our global clientele, we source knit and woven garment and apparel products from the best apparel and garment supplier and manufacturer on their behalf and get it shipped to their destination within estimated time.

Our years of experience has gained us a reputation of credibility and trust in the market. Being a professional apparel sourcing agency, we help you get the desired apparel and garment products on the best prices, lower than the average market value, with unparalleled quality and quick turnaround. In addition to that, we also help you lower the landed cost of imports, and streamline your supply chain mechanism, to ensure consistent quality, availability and timeliness of the product. We are a professional, boutique apparel sourcing agency specializing in:

  • Apparel sourcing consultancy
  • Apparel buying, procurement, and shipping
  • Inspection services

We offer tailored sourcing solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our apparel sourcing solutions are a holistic mix of a myriad of services, tailored to fit your budget and to meet your business’ needs. We offer vendor and factory appraisals, costings and quote reviews, establish a custom sourcing network, quality controls and inspections, coordinated product sampling, compliance affairs, tax services, and customs, shipping, and freight forwarding solutions.  

When you hire us for apparel sourcing, you may rest assured that you will only get the best of what Bangladeshi apparel and garment industry has to offer. Aside from that, there are a lot more benefits we provide that have made us the premier apparel sourcing agency in Bangladesh and the top choice of our clients across the globe. We offer:

No-Risk Guarantee – We only charge you when you are satisfied with the quality of products and efficiency of our services

Optimized Gross Margins Having a firm grip on the market pulse, we have a sound knowledge about price trends. We provide you the lowest priced sourcing solutions with knowledge-based product costings.

Licensed, Registered and Compliant Vendor Base Being a reputed, responsible and professional apparel sourcing agency, we only work with registered and compliant vendors. This is to make sure we deliver no less than the best in terms of quality.

Market Knowledge Our extensive experience and market knowledge has enabled us to track upcoming trends and improvise and innovate our products accordingly to meet the changing global demands.

Real-Time Communication We keep you in the loop throughout the process, and allow you to track, monitor and control your order in real time.

Long-term partnershipWe work with the mindset to establish a long and symbiotic collaboration with our clients and earn their satisfaction and trust with our unmatched services.

Fast Turnaround We have a track record of delivering 100% of our apparel sourcing order on time, with utmost efficiency.

Efficient shipment and deliveries We have partnered with the leading shipping and freight forwarding companies in different countries that ship and deliver our consignments to you on a priority basis.

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